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She Never Ever Calls or Texts. Exactly why is She All Of A Sudden Ignoring Me?

Reader matter:

We’ve recognized each other for years and recently I relocated from her place. I tried to not let the length modification something and carried on my personal hefty flirtation via everyday texts and constant telephone calls.

It felt we were beginning to really destroy for each other. We poured my cardiovascular system over to the girl. She finished up telling me she has thoughts for my situation too but does not want as of yet because we’d never see each other. I just realized We’ll wait a little for their. A couple days after that, I have no reaction. She never phone calls, messages or everything.

Exactly why is she instantly overlooking me personally?

-Thomas (Texas)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Dear Thomas,

The woman is disregarding you because she simply left you.

I understand you might want to maintain relationship, no matter if she does not want currently, however the flirtatious character of the interaction is unacceptable for a platonic friendship.

Wait a little while — months or months — right after which correspond with the girl in a nonsexual, professonally executed manner.

May very well not save the relationship or the friendship, but it is worth an attempt.

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